Day[9] Daily #595 - Stephano's Stupid ZvP Style


Welp.  Today's daily marks an unusual departure from my usual enthusiasm.  I love new strategies.  Say... 99% of them... but this one hurts my very soul.  It violates that which is Zerg.  It is NOT THE SWARM.

In today's show, we're going to facepalm at EGStephano's slow, passive, mudlike, deeply anti-zerg, yet extremely strong ZvP style.  We're going to learn

  1. Why the swarm host, viper, corrupter composition is so strong
  2. How to get to that fantastic late game without dying
  3. How to embarrass the Zerg race by playing like a passive butthead

"Vous ne connaissez pas le fromage jusqu'à ce que vous avez vu ces jeux" -Ilyes "suckface" Satouri, 2013

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How do you go swarm host without being a douche?
  • Would a hellbat drop be able to beat this build?
  • Are you going to DreamHack?
  • How's this style that crushed my soul? Have you seen the RootCatz game where they both get double rays?
  • What if Protoss started going straight air?
  • What is the best Korean restaurant in california?
  • I'm moving to LA 3 1/2 months, what would be a good non-nerd friendly area to move it?
  • Why do I see mass stalkers vs. Zerg on Jaedong's stream?