Day[9] Daily #597 - Innovation's TvP Hellbat style


In the recent WCS, Innovation blew everyone's mind with his remarkably strong Hellbat/Marauder composition in TvP.  It's an exceptional way to overrun the Protoss player in the midgame, and we're going to see all the ways that innovation does so!

  1. We'll look at the basic composition in action and talk about why it's so effective
  2. We'll see the exact openings that Innovation does in two different games (and how we can steal it)
  3. We'll look at early/mid game tactics to boost the strength of the composition
  4. We'll explore how to transition OUT of marauder/hellbat to get to the endgame

Be sure to check out the rest of the WCS action over at the Official WCS Coverage Page!

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