Day[9] Daily #598 - MVP vs Innovation WCS Finals


Game 2 between MVP and iNnoVation on Akilon Wastes is one of the most impressive games in the history of TvT.  iNnoVation played a brilliant opening, demolishing the defenses of MVP and gaining an enormous worker lead.  iNnoVation continued this by transitioning into an aggressive MMM style and blasted MVP from game start to finish.  However, MVP held on despite all odds and pulled an incredible miracle comeback.  So, today, we'll break the discussion into

  1. How iNnoVation was able to pull an early lead with his opening
  2. The midgame goals of each player: MVP's defense and iNnoVation's aggression and tech switches
  3. The finishing sequence of MVP to seize the victory.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In Innovations position, what could he have done in the last engagement to turn it in his favor?
  • Is having a tank/hellbat composition like that a sound strategy?
  • What would you suggest a mech-ing player do if the opponent gets the battlecruiser transition up and running?