Day[9] Daily #601 - Cute PvZ builds


In today's daily, we'll look at a number of cute, quick PvZ games and plays in the matchup to see what and how we can exploit the weaknesses of our zergy buddies.  Each one of these games will open with phoenixes.  For the follow ups we'll see

  • A cute warp prism drop tactic
  • A nice 2base allin play
  • A hidden warpin tactic to kill 3rd bases
  • Lots of zealot archon action

The games that we'll see are from two top WCS Protosses: Trap and First !  Be sure to click on the links to their pages to see their VODs and other games

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • You talked a lot about "discouraging mutas", but what if the zerg player just decides to go Mutas anyway, and you will have already built the other tech that is useless, like the robo? Wouldn't it be better to know FOR SURE that he isn't going mutas?