Day[9] Daily #602 - Stardust's PvZ timing/style


Following up on our "Cute PvZ" builds daily, we'll be looking at StarDust's cool and unusual "zealot / immortal / sentry" opening and timings and how he transitions it into zealot archon.  In particular we'll see

  • Why zealot archon is so effective in general
  • The problems of transitioning into zeal/archon for Protoss
  • StarDust's unusual opening timings that are heavily zealot focused
  • How the opening can transition into the powerful zeal/archon midgame composition

These games are from the wonderful and amazing DreamHack Summer event held in June! :D  Replays of this daily can be found here !

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Can swarm host come out before you attack with sentry/zealot and if so how would it fair again it?
  • In one game 50% of the army was sentries. Are sentries that good?
  • What would be a decent transition if is this isn't a game-ending force?
  • What if you decide to go mass roach instead of this mixed composition?