Day[9] Daily #605 - Soulkey vs sOs - WCS SemiFinals


Since the introduction of the mothership core, Protoss now can freely perform a wide range of openings: fast DT, fast gateway push, phoenix play, voidray play, double forge upgrades, blink pushes and more, all while taking an early expansion!  In addition to the opening scares, mass voidray has become an increasingly popular style, with Alicia and sOs pioneering crazy builds to exploit the Zerg's lack of strong anti-air.

Though it may seem hard to both stay alive and defend in the early game and THEN prepare for voidray craziness, Soulkey shows us the key!  We'll see how to stay alive early and how to crush the Protoss late.

  • We'll define Protoss standards (opening Stargate) and how Zergs (typically) respond to them
  • We'll show how Soulkey's openings defend a huge range of Protoss early pressure
  • We'll demonstrate how "bold" mass expanding plays from Soulkey are actually quite safe
  • We'll see how Soulkey maintains control all game long once he's seized it


VODs of the Soulkey vs sOs games can be found right here !!! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Soulkey chose a relatively passive strategy, up until the 13+ minute mark. Would a hydra ling attack into a swarmhost corruptor timing work as a more aggressive strategy?
  • What if sOs added tempests to the phoenixes to help defend against the corruptor/muta?
  • In the last game he jumped straight to infestors. What was the trigger for that decision?
  • So my brother, a protoss player, has mentioned that mass gateway units along with storm can deal with storm equally as well as pheonix, if controlled correctly. If this is true (which i'm not sure that it is) what kind of response would this elicit from the Zerg?