Day[9] Daily #606 - Naniwa vs Lucifron WCS Ro32


In today's daily, we're going to look at 3 games played between Naniwa and Lucifron in the WCS Ro32 EU!

PvT is generally played defensively for the Protoss: counter attacks w/ small zealot numbers or storm drops are how Protosses whittle away the Terran until a late game death ball is available.  However, early attacks are both possible and effective!  In this daily, we'll look at 3 fast aggro/cheese openings from Naniwa in PvT that manage to best Lucifron.  To do this we'll

  • Look at some common Terran openings to identify weaknesses
  • Note some possible attacks to exploit these timings
  • See how Naniwa's attacks strike Terrans at these vulnerable times
  • Explore the specifics of each build order so we can steal'em!


You can see the VODs for the game here and the rest of the Ro32 VODs here!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Will you be doing a daily that explains these builds' weaknesses?
  • How far into the game does this method of listing timings sort of dissipate because there are too many variables?
  • If you're trying to beat terran to aggression, how do you deal with a Terran 1 base all-in kind of start?