Day[9] Daily #608 - First vs Rain WCS KR Ro16


First has been impressing EVERYBODY with his stellar performance in WCS.  His PvP is no different.  PvP is typically a matchup marked by early aggression and mid to late passivity.  However, First does the exact opposite!  He plays a hyper defensive style designed to react to his opponent and throws out some nutty mid-game timings with almost no units.  In these games we'll see

  • What the significant early PvP timings are
  • How the AGGRESSIVE but SUBTLE scouting of First helps him identify what is happening early on
  • The adjustments that First makes to stay alive early on
  • The extremely odd and unusual unit production choices that First makes -> virtually zealot and stalker free!
  • The incorporation of warp prism harass as a core maneuver throughout the game.

The series from First vs Rain is one of my favorites, so check out the VODs here!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Could you explain more about the "ah-ha" moment of this daily? you made a big deal about the zealot drop but it didn't seem terribly game changing, is the point that lots of gates provide good versatility or that First did some crazy tactic?
  • Is stargate a more safer move than trying to get your own robo units?
  • In a silver level where alot of early gate pushes are common would the DTs be a good defense to it?
  • Wouldn't you say that Rain's lack of gateways is more of a result of him having 2 robos and just not having the economy for it?
  • You made a point about the gateway count. When Rain scouts First's single colossus attack, why doesn't he just stop colossi production in favor of more gates because he already has a 3 colossi lead?
  • Towards the beginning of the game would First be in danger of rain scouting the cancel on dt shrine?