Day[9] Daily #609 - SuperNova vs Trap WCS KR Ro16


The hellbat has been NERFED!  What to do?  Most terran players have to readapt their existing play to go toe-to-toe with the powerful Protoss late game.  In this series, we'll see some very unusual early aggression tactics from SuperNova to begin slowly pushing the Protoss into a strategic corner!  At this point, SuperNova strikes with everything he's got for some massive and sexy wins!  In particular we'll see

  • How simple aggression forces the Protoss to react in very specific ways
  • How SuperNova delays the usual medivac harass in favor of more infrastructure back home
  • When SuperNova decides to make massive mid-game attacks that catch the Protoss off guard!

SuperNova vs Trap can be found in full VOD format over here!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How can i get the proper motivation to begin my gaming blog?
  • Why Trap doesn't use more Warp Prisms and if that's because it's too big of a risk to drop or b/c it takes away from robo production?
  • The proxy factory widow mines are intended to "force" the robo path for obs detection. What if the Protoss goes Stargate Oracle for detection? With early gas investment, will the Terran have enough anti-air to deal with the oracle/phoenix harassment?
  • In TvP lower league, i am noticing more and more rush to Colosus/Pheonix combo, removing vikings from the field, if you cannot delay them how do you respond?
  • What was that book you mentioned earlier?
  • If my marine is in love should I send him into battle anyway?