Day[9] Daily #610 - Mech vs Bio in TvT - Ryung vs Major


With the nerf of the hellbat, we're seeing a resurgence of Bio based play!  Hellbats and mech are still spectacular options in the matchup, but now players have the flexibility to turn into a bio force midgame!  As a result, how does the mech player maneuver his slow, powerful force against the deadly, ninja fast bio army?

To answer these questions, we'll look at 3 games between Ryung and Major from WCS Ro32!  We'll look at

  • Several openings to get off on the aggressive foot and try to keep our bio-ing player held back!
  • What midgame plays we can do as mech and how to deflect run arounds and run bys!
  • How to be positioning our endgame armies aggressively to starve out our opponent!

Can't wait! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What was your thesis about? i read it and didn't understand a thing
  • What is the silliest/most horrible strategy that probably wouldn't work in SC2, but would be kick *** if it would?
  • What is your favorite programming language?
  • What's your favorite MTG format?