Day[9] Daily #612 - Scarlett vs HerO WCS NA Ro32


Traditionally, the Zerg player is the one defending at the very outset: expanding to two or three bases while avoiding death at the hands of annoying early Protoss attacks.  However, given how many corners Protoss are cutting nowadays, Zergs have the opportunity to begin attacking with their first set of lings!

In today's daily, we'll analyze some aggressive Zergling openings from Scarlett in her matches vs LiquidHero from WCS NA Ro32.  We'll see

  • The timings of early Protoss builds and how we can exploit them
  • How Protoss will respond to our early zergling pressure
  • What follow ups make sense as Zerg (more infestors and tech, less roaches!)
  • What errors we can make and fall to the mighty Protoss

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Shall I get more archons by DTs to conserve gas and ultimately get more of them? or should I favor High Temp archons for a healthier zealot count.
  • What should the vipers aim for abducting?
  • It seems as though pacing seems to be key in a lot of situations, how do you judge when to apply pressure, and when to back off?
  • What is the slogan of the DayKnights?
  • I've always kind of liked this kind of aggression in the early game, but it always seems sort of all in. How should zerg transition out of that kind of push if the aggression is completely shut down
  • I really want to know why there are no Mutalisks for harass!