Day[9] Daily #613 - Life vs Jjakji ZvT - Ling based ZvT!


ZvT is a matchup plagued by annoying early game pushes and mid-late game biomine.  Typically, Zergs are playing one of two styles: allin or hyper defensive to try to win late game.  In today's daily, we'll learn some cutesy timing attacks that won't rely on allin and will help us gain some footing in the late game without being a hyper defensive, hyper passive player!  We'll look at

  • How to win with big macro, low tech tree style!
  • Some common early game terran timings
  • How to exploit said early timings with some cute ling pushes
  • How to solve all our early game problems with only queens, zerglings, and upgrades
  • How to perform huge mid-game timings with ling/baneling to catch a macro Terran off guard!

We'll be winning ZvT using almost exclusively ling baneling!

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Part 2

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Dear day9 wouldn't good widow mine shots crush this style?
  • What happens if you spam zerglings like life did but Terran is playing defensive and the attack fails horribly?
  • In part 2 life had his overlords all over the place around mid map. How could life protect them with only a few lings if the terran attacked them with his marines, with the hellions to support?
  • Is this only good against early expanding Terran, or is it ok to start with against other builds as well?
  • How can the terran stop this push?
  • Why not transition into Ultralisks?
  • How do infestors fit into this style?