Day[9] Daily #615 - Jaedong vs Oz - WCS NA Ro16 Group A


In today's daily, we'll be taking a look at Jaedong's stunning PvZ series against Oz in the Group A match that finished only a few hours ago!  We'll be talking about

  • How both players use the shape of Akilon Wastes to perform some very unusual openings
  • How Jaedong responds to Oz's weird 3 stargate Phoenix play
  • The rarely correct play of "not spending money" ACTUALLY USED CORRECTLY by Jaedong!
  • The massive tech switches that allow Jaedong to get a 5th base
  • The finishing transitions to close out the game.

What a beautiful game!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • His army seems squishy -hydra/infestor/viper. How does Jaedong keep Oz from rolling over him with a heavy aoe army?
  • What do you think would be the best answer from a Protoss side of view?
  • In general what do you think the best unit composition to shoot for when up against a zerg swapping to mass mutas? Lots of gates for stalkers, stargates for phoenix or lots of archons?
  • How do you deal with mass mutas as Protoss?