Day[9] Daily #620 - Polt's TvP WCS Amazingness


Today we're going to analyze and breakdown Polt's absolutely stunning ability to create 1-sided TvP games. In particular we'll talk about

  • The surprising lack of drops and medivacs in early game
  • The timing of his additional barracks to overwhelm his enemy in the midgame
  • The use of decisive late game drops to combo with his massive marauder army
  • The generally smaller number of vikings/ghosts in his attacks

These games will be from the WCS NA finals!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What is the best way to protect from early DT and oracle when doing this build?
  • How does polt know where to move his army? For example, he had 2 medivacs worth of units at the top before doing that drop, but he didn't yet know that the drop was a good idea until after he'd sent the units.
  • If Polt delays his upgrades, what effect does that have on his army and gas timings at his natural?
  • We saw almost no immortals in these games. Would earlier Immortals help stave off the large marauder army?
  • If a Protoss decided to do a High Zealot count + Collosi push around the 13 min mark against this large bio army could this be effective?