Day[9] Daily #622 - Megamonobattle Funday Monday


In this daily, you must play in a 3v3 or 4v4 where ALL of you must choose a unit and ONLY make that unit for the whole game!  (ie 4 players going mass Tempest).

  1. Defensive structures are fine
  2. One queen per hatchery for macro is fine (ie you can't build mass queens unless it's your chosen unit!)
  3. Units that don't count for the restriction: workers/mules, overlords, overseers, observers, warp prisms and mothership core.  That is, if your team is going mass Zealot, you can each get your mothership core, observers for detection, and use warp prisms for harass.  If your team is going mass Zergling you can get overseers for detection etc.

GLHF!  Submit to and be sure to check out the submission guidelines

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