Day[9] Daily #625 - Jaedong vs First WCS Semi-Finals


Once upon a time, Jaedong was heralded as one of the worst ZvPs for a top player.  However, at the WCS Season 2 finals, he blew everyone's expectations with absolutely incredible play, even 3-0'ing LGIMFirst in the SemiFinals!  We'll explore

  1. What the common openings are from a Protoss perspective: air+robo variations
  2. What the Protosses expect from the Zerg and how it creates weaknesses
  3. Jaedong's overall gameplan: fast ling upgrades and aggressive countering
  4. How the overall gameplan exploits Protoss weaknesses

Want to see these games yourself?  Download them from Blizzard's recent announcement page!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What is your favorite poster behind you?
  • As a Protoss player attempting to expand to a 3rd, I often find that I fall prey to the aggressive ling pushes. Is there any way to expand safely in most maps?
  • How do you think Jaedong would respond if first was doing a gateway heavy push at around 9-10 minutes like Jim did against scarlett in WCS america on belshir vestige?