Day[9] Daily #626 - Taeja vs Innovation


TaeJa and Innovation are known as two top TvT players who delightfully clashed for our entertainment in the WCS Ro16 Global Finals!  In particular, we saw a wickedly amazing Mech vs Bio game on Newkirk Precinct that deserves some focused analysis.  In this daily we'll see

  • An extended look at both players openings and how they avoid making large misplanning errors.
  • The critical pre-planned midgame timings that both players rely on to get into good positions
  • How Innovation turned the typically slow mech style into a terrorizing, aggressive, fast push style
  • How TaeJa adjusted his build order, composition, and tactics to answer the mech aggression.

What a kick ass game this was :D.  You can get all the replays from WCS on this page right here!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Do you like pancakes?
  • Wasn't it risky for Taeja to go for an early banshee with his early expand? If a banshee from Innovation popped in wouldn't it have been able to do a lot of damage?
  • What is your favorite cake?
  • What do you think of mech in general in tvt? It seemed like Innovation was never really in a better position post-20 min mark

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