Day[9] Daily #629 - Bomber's Non-Standard TvZ opening plays!


Every dang Terran player is doing the same dang build: triple CC + 2bay + hellion delay --> Biomine midgame.  Except for Bomber!  At WCS, Bomber showed us an uncanny variety of clever TvZ openings that left many Zergs pondering what to do!  In this daily we'll take a look at

  • The standard TvZ play and why it's strong
  • What timings the Zerg have become used to
  • What new and interesting build orders Bomber uses
  • What attack times open up for us! :D


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Would Bomber have changed anything if Zerg had gone early Roach?
  • How do you feel about lowering the marine count slightly in favor of hellbats?
  • If you went to a comic convention in a costume, who would you dress up as?