Day[9] Daily #638 - MMA vs BabyKnight


This game was a very weird one.  As a result, we'll be marching through it in three different ways

  1. First, we'll look at the opening from the Protoss perspective.  We'll see exactly what BK does (fast 3 base blink play!) and how he transitions up to the usual protoss mixture: double forge, colossus, mass gateway tech
  2. Second, we'll look at the Terran opening and the gross position MMA is in: He built ghosts when he should have been building Vikings.  We'll see how MMA pulls ahead with an interesting SCV pull maneuver!
  3. Third, we'll analyze the latter half of the game once everything is severely disrupted: how do both players get back on their feet and perform some battling action?


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Where is Spellslingers filmed?
  • In part 1, MMA pushed with a small bio force with stim almost (but not yet) complete. why do you think this is?
  • what's your methodology for selecting games to talk about on the daily?
  • Who's the next guest on Spellslingers?
  • Whats your favorite dinosaur?