Day[9] Daily #639 - Apocalypse's non biomine TvZ!


In the standard landscape of ZvT we see biomine in almost every game!  Terrans are rarely exploring different options once they can produce the biomine force.  In today's daily, we're going to look at Apocalypse transitioning out of the biomine force into an unusual thor+hellbat composition!  We'll see when and why he stops biomining and what weaknesses in Zerg he's trying to exploit :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • If one day Starcraft would cease to be a popular game would you still make a daily show
  • Why do gummy bears give you gas?
  • How do you feel about mech in the hots meta? do you think they should do more to balance it or just go ahead and add units in legacy of the void
  • Why wasn't Roaches built instead of Fast Mutalisks to minimize damage done by helion on the last game?

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