Day[9] Daily #641 - MMA vs MC


MMA has been blowing everyone's mind with his exceptional form.  In the WCS EU Grand Final, MC threw a variety of aggressive "play to win" style strategies that MMA deflected with relative ease.  In today's daily we'll see how to plan for the long term, but survive annoying deaths in the short term!  We'll examine

  • MMA's opening build and long term plan: How he's setting himself up for a strong MMM mid and late game
  • What crazy builds MC throws at MMA, from blink allin to fast void ray
  • How MMA defends these early attacks with subtle, but critical adjustments, such as addon timing, bunker placement, and halting of worker production

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • This strategy seems great when seeing no nexus at 5 minutes definitely means that he's cheesing, but how can this help a lower level player when no nexus at 5 minutes probably means that their macro just sucks?
  • What is your favorite part about math?
  • Which race has the best 2 base all in??