Day[9] Daily #643 - StarDust vs Nerchio


In today's (somewhat impromptu) daily, we're going to be looking at StarDust vs Nerchio from the WCS Placement matches!  Stardust is known for his exceptional and unusual PvZ play and Nerchio is known for his incredibly solid and standard Zerg style.

Therefore, in this daily, we're going to be watching things from StarDust's point of view to learn why he's such a baller PvZer :).

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How did you balance university and StarCraft?
  • Did you ever script in MATLAB?
  • Do you like modern or are you only into standard?
  • What's it like working at Artillery?
  • How do we define how much is too much phoenixes?
  • How many barracks should you have per base you have?
  • How do I get the ladies?

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