Day[9] Daily #645 - Jaedong vs TaeJa - WCS NA Ro16


Once upon a time, Jaedong had a notoriously difficult time winning ZvP.  At WCS S2 Grand Finals, Jaedong showcased some of the best ZvP we've ever seen.  However, in that very same season, Jaedong showed weakness in ZvT.  Now, we get the chance to see how Jaedong has reworked his ZvT matchup to beat one of the world's best.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In part 1 you touched on "opportunity cost" for larva in the early game. In the mid and late game, you would have queens up. Do you lose larva production when a hatchery has 4 or more larva sitting on it? Or are the queen's injected larvae part of a separate larva set entirely?
  • How to you get that poof at the front of your hair? is it magic?
  • Do you think it is crucial to keep a good muta count into the late game vs terran?
  • Beef or chicken in your tacos?
  • As a new player what race is the best to start on from a mechanics point of view?
  • I am a new player to the game and was wondering if you know how to speed up the APM?