Day[9] Daily #646 - MacSed's WCS NA Ro16 Run!


MacSed is one of the lesser known mega gosus coming out of China.  He tends to use some unusual build orders of the likes of SaSe, so we can always count on him for interesting games!

In last night's Ro16, MacSed proved to be more than just "interesting" and wound up besting both Oz and Scarlett to advance to the Ro8!  Let's see how he did it :D.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • I appreciate how a transition to Brood Lords is a good late game idea, but the Ultralisks did so good against the 20ish minute push (in the Tassadar game) what if Scarlett had just stuck with Ultralisks? Why is that a less good option than Brood Lords?
  • On that fail game with Tassadar, why didn't scarlet go massive mutalisk instead of ultralisk infestor? We know that Scarlet won with the later composition, but wasn't Mutalisk a better choice when clearly protoss was going lesser anti air army composition?