Day[9] Daily #649 - Polt vs Byul


Holy crap.  This game was amazing.  We took a look at Polt's relentless attacking and positioning vs Jaedong in WCS S2, but this game is at a whole different level.  We'll be analyzing the game from BOTH sides to look at

  • A brief analysis of their openings: 3CC + 3base ling/bane/muta
  • How the 4th base positioning and hive timing are critical for Zerg's strength in lategame
  • How to (unusually) halt all hive tech and go back to mass muta production!
  • How expansion and army positioning hold a tight relationship to safe play in the late game

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What are your thoughts on the game 2 that lasted 3 hours today?
  • How was this really different from any other TvZ? Terran still went for things that start with M, and Zerg did a typical Zergling, Baneling, Muta. What makes this game special?
  • Do you believe the popularity of Marine Medivac Mine isn't based on how strong it is, but rather the lack of viable builds for Terran due to vipers making Tanks irrelevant.