Day[9] Daily #650 - WCS - sOs's attacking PvZ styles


Today we're going to admire the ways in which sOs demolished superhero level Zergs with incredibly aggressive, air focused gameplay!  In particular we'll see

  • What the typical flow of a PvZ game looks like
  • How sOs deviates from said plays by performing a variety of early attacks (cannon, warpgate, stargate etc)
  • How sOs MUST follow up from his openings to prevent death! (such as getting moar gateways before tech!)
  • The backup plans he executes to win even when behind! :D

Congrats to sOs for being such a badass and reinventing the PvZ matchup!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • I can't help but notice that in multiple games where sOs beat Jaedong in the finals, sOs used the cannon rush. To what extent can we attribute sOs' success to the cannon rushes, and how could Jaedong have made his games go better?
  • How does sOs have just enough to stay alive while building all that tech? Is there like a general thing to have to not just die?