Day[9] Daily #651 - WCS - sOs's no colossus PvT style


sOs has traditionally struggled hard against the tip toppest of Terrans by using fairly fragile templar play early game.  However, at the WCS Grand Finals, sOs blew everyone's mind with his crazy Stargate into templar play and emphasizing archons instead of storm!  We're going to analyze how it's possible and what makes sOs so great!  We'll see

  • What the "normal rules" of PvT are
  • The broad concepts that sOs utilizes in place of those rules (more aggression, less expanding, more teching)
  • The ways that sOs opens to flow into his templar based play (stargate oracle harass w/ hallucination? WHOAH!)
  • How sOs controls the flow of the gameplay to eventually pull back into the "normal" PvT we know and love


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • With this opening how do you stop early terran aggression?
  • In a match where i think sOs had a hidden expansion the whole game, do you think its location was a bit of a mistake from a counterattacking point of view not letting him attack from the side at risk of the discovery of the base?
  • What is the best way to counter this zealot archons style?
  • Your best advice for someone about to go through Grad School?