Day[9] Daily #652 - WCS - sOs's stylish PvP


sOs began his remarkable run in the WCS by besting LiquidHero in a PvP bo5!  We're going to analyze his funky, innovative moves and snatch'em'up!  More description of the show later on in the week! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What response would we typically see from sOs if we saw more aggression from Hero in the early/mid game on the Akilon Wastes match? Also, aside from not seeing the Zealot early in the match, what indicators would he be looking for to see that Hero was playing passively?
  • In that last game, what would you say was the right balance of Archons/Immortals? How do you keep those balances relatively even throughout?
  • How does someone start to get into the SC2 competitive scene having never played BW or WoL?

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