Day[9] Daily #653 - Jaedong's ZvP Mass Larvae -> Muta strat!


Throughout WCS S2 and S3, Jaedong surprised everyone with his innovative, unusual style of high larvae, low unit ZvP.  His basic technique is to maximize the effectiveness of a massive transition to mutalisks (and sometimes other units too!) by delaying in the midgame and stockpiling larvae/money.  In this daily, we'll talk about

  • What the norms of ZvP play are
  • The details of Jaedong's big play - The Muta Switch! (all caps as it's a proper noun now ok?)
  • The techniques Jaedong does in the mid-game to help himself stay alive (and deal damage too!)
  • The adjustments Jaedong makes in his opening if he gets screwed/attacked

This should be highly edutational :P

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • In Part 1, you mentioned how Jaedong does the big muta rubber band push. Do you think a lot of pro players caught onto it to the point where it has become his Achilles' heel? Commentators and fans are always expecting that push from him in the late game.
  • Is it feasible to hold off the Muta switch with Warp Prism harass?
  • I feel that Zerg have least outplay potential - how would you respond to following statement: that "with perfect play from both sides, Zerg will always loose, and the only reason JD and few other Zerg are able to keep u with others is only because of their ABSURD skill level.
  • As a protoss player I always have trouble countering Swarm Hosts