Day[9] Daily #655 - Scarlett vs Bomber - The best SC2 game in history


This game is friggin insane.  The best game I've ever seen.  Ever.  By a considerable margin.  And we're going to analyze it!  In this game we're going to see

  • How openings and considerations change in ZvT with a gold expansion on the map.
  • Why Scarlett's speedling before expo build was a great choice for this map and how she recovered after it failed.
  • The positioning of Scarlett's units to continually delay Bomber's attacks.
  • How Scarlett reshaped her midgame after falling considerably behind.

You can find this and all other replays in this BattleGrounds Replay Pack

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • One simple question: Why no hive?
  • What should bomber have done different after killing the gold to win the game?
  • Why did Scarlett put her Spire in the natural? Would it have been safer to put it in the main? Does it matter?