Day[9] Daily #656 - Scarlett's No Roach ZvP


Although Scarlett BARELY fell short at the BattleGrounds SemiFInal vs sOs, she brought to the table an innovative set of build orders that relies on NO ROACHES!  Ling/Hydra becomes the mid-game composition of choice for Scarlett as she brutalizes virtually all compositions with the joys of transfuse and tech switches.  In this daily we'll see

  • The typical ways that Zergies be playing ZvP and why (mainly roach/hydra defensive midgame OR aggro ling/muta play)
  • The thought process behind the usual Zerg opening (lings + roaches + spines for defense)
  • How Scarlett turns usual Zerg logic on its head by avoiding roaches!
  • When and how Scarlett decides to build dem queens
  • How the choice of ling/hydra heavy play reshapes Scarlett's mid-game decisions.

These replays can be located at the Red Bull BattleGrounds website!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • What if Protoss was going for a heavy sentry composition for a early push, would this style still be a good choice?
  • Whats your opinion of lower league tournaments?
  • A heavy void ray army seems unstoppable, in your opinion the best counters for void rays?