Day[9] Daily #658 - Some ezpz 12 minute win builds!


[EDIT] - This show has been moved to Tuesday because I cleverly locked myself out of my house.  Dammit crap crud butts struph :


I glorify really excellent, long term, high level play.  But who's high level anymore?  Let's watch three games from Elfi where he plays to win FAZT.  He even leaves the door open for follow up play!

  • Game 1 - A fast 2base gateway rush build in PVT vs TaeJa
  • Game 2 - A fast 2 base phoenix zealot push in PvZ vs TLO
  • Game 3 - An oracle/dt opening vs HerO

Take these to the ladder and get to masters GUYS! :D

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Wouldn't certain builds not work on certain maps? In part 1, it was a four player map. In part 2, Elfi meta gamed TLO by making it look like he was going for a third. In Part 3, Polar Night is a 2 player map that works well with Oracle.
  • What if the Terran goes for Reaper, Seems like nexus first would be like a huge gamble?
  • Why does every build with oracle only feature 1 oracle?
  • Is it possible to do a quick win with Robo tech?