Day[9] Daily #662 - TvP - Exploiting thin edges - MMA vs Patience


Patience surprised everyone at Dreamhack by making an incredible run through incredible Terran players to achieve 3rd place.  But, he still fell to the legend MMA in the winner's bracket round 1.  How was MMA able to defeat Patience in an era when Patience and Protoss are both on fire?  In today's daily, we'll examine

  • What makes Protoss so strong in PvT - Lategame and counter warpins
  • How Terran openings tend to be careful and passive - Bunkers and waiting galore!
  • How MMA cleverly cuts key buildings to accelerate his own aggression and surprise Protoss!
  • How MMA manages low econ games brilliantly

These games are from the DreamHack winter reppack which can be found here

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How should MMA have reacted if he had scouted a proxy stargate (a la sOS) instead of a stargate in Patience's base?
  • My biggest difficulty with terran is defending on a pure bio + medivac mixture vs that robo + templar tech; in the end of the first game in part 3, I often just straight up lose to the counter all-in push by the protoss when I deal significant econ damage. Can you break down how MMA pulled it off without completely losing to the protoss swing?
  • You say adjustments to build are good, but as a silver, former plat player, should i try to make adjustments even though my scouting and reading is weak? or should i just stick to the build
  • Do you think that protoss has a advantage of terran in the early game it seems like the protoss has so many all ins yet terran has none beacuse of the mothership core?