Day[9] Daily #665 - EzPz Builds by Crank


Axiom successfully earned second place in the AcerTeamstory cup with some surprisingly solid wins from Axiom team captain Crank.  Today, we'll look at some very easy builds by Crank to get some super solid wins!  Including

  • A blink stalker allin to kill Terrans!
  • A lovely and easy 4base play to kill Zergs!
  • A lovely micro-gentle 8gate to kill Zerg!


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Q&A With Day[9]

  • As a Protoss, how often can you consider cutting corners as an effective strategy?
  • I am a gold league player and I am also wondering if you have any useful advice for staying motivated on the ladder, say, after a five(ish) game losing streak
  • I was wondering what the Zerg could possibly have done better so he could have defended against the attack? Just scout the natural for gas so he had a better idea of what exactly was coming?