Day[9] Daily #666 - Mech TvT play by Ryung


In today's EXTREMELY EVIL and VERY WICKEDLY structured daily number 666, we are going to examine some beautiful meching play by Ryung on the rather complicated Yeonsu.  We'll analyze

  • The opening and why there are so many marines if we're meching!
  • Ryung's clever choice to add reactors to factories before tech labs for a mass hellion attack!
  • Ryung's follow up to the mid-game, where he's pushing and how
  • Some of the huge positional woes that plague Ryung throughout the game
  • How to be a better mecher

I hope to see you then! :D

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Does our strategy change at all if we are playing mech vs mech instead of mech vs bio?
  • Are Sean and Bill from the dating games show going to gather to do another type of show?
  • How can the concept of vision on the flanks apply to PvT?
  • Are Thors good in a mech composition vs Terran?
  • Is your chair comfy and would you recommend it?
  • What's the difference between mech and bio?