Day[9] Daily #668 - Winning without Attacking - Modern Mech TvZ


I am a jerk.  Today, we're going to examine a style of mech that was showcased in the Proleague - you literally never attack and keep transitioning to higher firepower until there's not much the Zerg can do.  We don't even need that many resources!  In this episode, we'll talk about

  • How embarrassed I am to cast this game and why (I am honor bound)
  • How the Terran player stays alive in the opening stage and his important defensive considerations
  • The keys to good placement and staying alive as you spread yourself thin
  • Further transitions into the sky Terran
  • Finishing moves that include mass orbitalz and battlecruisers!


Q&A With Day[9]

  • Could Dimaga prevent this strategy with proper early scouting and aggression?
  • I'm a Terran player, but I'm really not feeling this mech style. I still much prefer bio. Do you think that mech will drown out bio Terran?
  • What would happen if zerg uses the third base more as a macro hatch and go fast muta?
  • Why don’t people blend mech and bio? where is the fault in that?
  • I recently tried qualifying for challenger this season and lost in the round of 32 to things I'd never seen before. I feel Dimaga was in the same spot in this game, what do you recommend doing in situations you've never seen before? how do you go about deciding what to do in the moment?

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