Day[9] Daily #670 - GSL - sOs PvZ on New Maps


Tonight we'll examine the way that sOs takes traditional build orders we've seen on other maps and bends them for the newer, weirder ladder maps - Alterzim Stronghold and Daedalus Point.  We'll see

  • The standard 3base Colossus blink play that sOs performed on Frost
  • We'll compare this to the 3base Colossus/blink opening that sOs executes on Alterzim.
    • We'll note how elements of the build order shift thanks to our easily defendable 3 bases
    • We'll see the tactics that change regarding our attacking decisions
    • We'll appreciate the excellent late game attack structure of sOs - one that allows him to be aggressive and still build up a scary deathball!
  • We'll look the problems on Daedalus Point for a Protoss player and how sOs overcomes them with a SUPER old school 3gate before expand opening!

These games are all part of the GSL Code A Ro48 qualifiers :D

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