Day[9] Daily #673 - DRG's ZvP return to Code S


DRG has long been one of the favorite players of the foreign community.  In delightful news, he's been playing better than ever, qualifying for a seat at the GSL Code S tournament!  Yay!  We'll look at his two winning games vs the prodigy Sora.  In these games we'll discuss

  • How to devise EARLY ZERG ATTACKS based upon the timings we know about Protoss
  • How to follow up and avoid death at the hands of an aggressive blink/immortal/sentry counter attack
  • How to rely on queen and spine heavy defenses vs unusually fast attacks
  • When to perform tech switches based upon our reads!

These are some fantastic games from DRG that showcase some delightful ZvP.  Hope you enjoy them!

Q&A With Day[9]

  • What keyboard does Day9 use? Is that a mechanical with brown switches I hear?
  • I was noticing that a lot of the strategy in game one relied upon a knowledge of timings. While this might be effective for people in masters and grand masters, how can we take this knowledge into the lower leagues where timings aren't as well defined and most players either don't recognize or don't scout these 'kill sequences'?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to become funnier naturally?

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