Day[9] Daily #676 - Jaedong's inefficient, mass larvae ZvZ style


So the title to this show sounds CRAZY but hear me out.  ZvZ is a matchup generally marked by Roach vs Roach battles.  The ways to pull ahead involve subtle maneuvers to pick up slight bits of efficiency: an extra 5 roaches, 20s early upgrades, slightly earlier infestors etc.  However, against StarTale_Life, Jaedong showcased an outrageously aggressive, ling and counterattack focused ZvZ style that relies on MASSIVE numbers of inefficient units to gain map control!  We'll ask ourselves

  • How does Jaedong open to set himself for mass expanding in the midgame?
  • What choices does Jaedong make with and without knowledge of what his enemy is doing?
  • How does Jaedong maneuver his low value units to maximize their damage potential?
  • What way does Jaedong extend the shelf life of his aggressive units into the late game?
  • When does Jaedong dial back the aggression?

These games are gorgeous instances of how to elegantly manipulate an EXTREMELY efficient opponent.

 Q&A With Day[9]

  • If I'm not very good at larva inject timing yet, should I aim for a sooner hatch (macro/expand) to compensate?
  • How are a few banelings the better choice to more roaches in roach vs roach wars when you have larva lead? 50gas/larva banelings, 25gas/larva roach. and the Dong was mineral heavy
  • What would be more important in this style of play, killing queens or hatcheries?

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