Day[9] Daily #677 - PvZ battling Swarm Hosts


Swarm hosts are an incredibly frustrating to deal with unit.  Though Protoss has some sickening AoE in the form of storms and colossus, the endless stream of free locusts can prove nearly impossible to battle efficiently head on.

In today's games, we're going to admire how CJ_herO is able to take down DRG in a best of 3 when DRG goes for Swarm hosts EVERY SINGLE GAME!  We'll talk about

  • How swarm host's biggest weakness is their mobility
  • How to open with mobile, aggressive forces to begin combatting swarm hosts right away
  • How herO carefully picks DRG apart with endless counterattacking and positional play

These games are taken from GSL Code S Round of 32 group A games!

Q&A With Day[9]

  • Did DRG make a mistake by failing to scout the void rays? Or did hero just have that good of timing. I'm guessing DRG didn't know about the triple stargate...
  • Wasn't DRG's opening risky with the three base against gateway opening?
  • I have never played starcraft before and would like to start soon, and i am a big fan of very defensive play, who would you suggest i start with?
  • Is swarm host a good choice on heavy rain. with he wide paths focusing on counter attacks on this map much like the dong daily on tuesday.
  • Is frost generally a good map for zerg players to go swarm hosts?
  • If not swarm hosts, then what options does zerg have to deal with late game protoss?

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