Day[9] Daily #679 - TvZ - How to Wreck Mech


With the increasing popularity of mech and the seeming difficulty to produce a proper Zerg "counter army," many of our lovely Zerg buddies are struggling against factory based plays!  All that experience vs biomine doesn't quite translate properly.  Fortunately, we have LEENOCK to help teach us a thing or two of how to expand, macro, and attack that impregnable looking mech army.  We'll discuss

  • The "usual rules" that players tend to operate under - What composition beats his composition?
  • We'll talk about how to violate everything you know about ZvT by acknowledging how immobile the Terran mech army is!
  • We'll see counter attacks and muta/roach galore tear down Supernova despite Supernova being quite far ahead in the early game
  • We'll admire how Leenock cleans up an only thor army with an only mutalisk army.

These games are taken from GSL Code S Group B matches from last night.  Fantastic games!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • How can mech deal with well microed mutas?
  • If you are not valuing gas (i.e. getting it early at the 3rd), how it is possible to get the sufficient number of mutas? The switch to roaches is strong, but in my experience, not enough to compete with the mech, does it just come down to great micro with that boxing technique? 
  • What do we do against switch to raven bcs mine?
  • Thors have 2 firing modes correct? Was Super Nova's Thor's on AoE damage?
  • Do you think the alt fire mode would have been more effective?