Day[9] Daily #680 - Dream's TvP XTREME drop aggression

The TvP matchup has been marked by a tremendous decrease in variety and interesting plays.  Most of the Terran side of things revolves around expanding and defending until MnMnM.  At this point, Terrans usually go for a 3rd and round out the tech tree with an assortment of vikings and ghost.

In today's daily, we'll get the chance to see Dream go absolutely DROP NUTS through the game.  Whereas most players would be halting medivac production in favor of more bases and production, we see Dream almost NEVER STOP constructing those transporter fellows!  His incredible micro and aggression allow him to slowly pull an enemy apart at the very early parts of the game.  We'll see

  • What the normal terran TvP is like in the mid-game
  • We'll talk about Dream's drop heavy TvP and how it affects T's economy
  • We'll examine the opening that Dream utilizes to step into this drop heavy gameplay.
  • We'll do a jig

These games are taken from the GSL Code S Wildcard matches.

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