Day[9] Daily #693 - Maru vs Life - Fast Game Analysis!


Maru and Life played what I'd call a rather violent series in the Ro8 of GSL.  Rather than playing out long, elaborate games, each match was fairly swift and decisive.  So, I figured we'd check those games out to steal a cute little play from each one :D

There's no broad topic for today, just a swift ~10 minute analysis of each game :D.

Q&A With Day[9]

  • With Maru's part2 build, can you defend the more common early roach attacks
  • We see life transition into mutas in part 1 pretty early. is this generally a risky play since it might be picked up by a scan
  • I am starting to play Starcraft 2. What do you think is the easiest race to get started with and to learn more about the game? 

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