Day[9] Daily #687 - TLO's ZvP - Early game answers

TLO impressed the hell out of everyone with his absolutely fantastic, clean ZvP in WCS EU.  He managed to cinch a first place spot going 4-1 in ZvP.  We'll take a look at the ways in which TLO shifts his builds around to respond to what he sees from Protoss, and that most of those answers involve TONS of early attacks! (yay!).  We'll see

  • The basic opening that TLO uses in many of his games
  • The scouting techniques he uses to identify what his opponent is doing
  • How every response exploits weaknesses n the Protoss composition around the 11 minute mark
  • The tactics and positioning that allow TLO to assault and break most 3rd base plays!

These games are taken from the WCS EU Group F Ro32 matches!

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