Day[9] Daily #688 - Grubby vs Kas


These games were so insane I can't help but cover it.  I'm deeply blown away at how impressively Grubby held his stuff together against Kas's immense macro.  We'll analyze at least 2 games from this incredible series!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • When does Terran want Marauder as opposed to marine? Is it a tool for being ahead, or behind, or a response to specific tech?
  • You mentioned that Grubby couldn't engage the army directly so he built Tempests. It seemed that the turning point involved great storms and mis-microed vikings. What would his strategy have been if those hadn't been the case
  • In the first game, the Terran went for a very Marauder heavy army, could more Immortals have been an option for Grubby? There were clear options for Kas to base trade, could have that been an option for Kas?