Day[9] Daily #690 - Maru's TvP mines + aggression!


The TvP matchup has been a tough cookie to crack lately.  There hasn't seemed to be a great deal of variety in strategy (bio+medivac into ghost+viking).  However, the wonderful and cunning MARU is going to show us some new tricks -> Mines in the midgame!  We'll talk about

  • The struggles of midgame TvP - How it's difficult to apply pressure with only bio+medivac
  • What the introduction of mid-game mines allows us to do!
  • When, where, and why we wanna use them mines!
  • How to transition into lategame norms -> vikings + ghosts

These games are from Group B of GSL Code S Ro16!!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • You have always talked about the importance of mobility in your other dailies. However, widow mine restrict mobile units to do any particular damage. In this case, is it wise to go big and slow to counter this aggression or is it better to be aggressive yourself?
  • It feels like with this strategy, Maru has some pretty serious weaknesses, like relying on a crippled ability to counter attack, and just a general immobility of the protoss army. I feel like if the protoss got in there with some blink stalkers transitioning into warp prism templar aggression, protoss would have more success. What's stopping protoss from pulling something like that off?
  • Maru seemed to sacrifice a lot of Bio in order to position his mines. Maru also seemed to float a decent amount of gas for the first 15 minutes in each game; Do you think that 'Drilling Claws' would be a helpful upgrade to grab early, or is it to early to conform to the widow mine play due to not seeing a strong colossus or storm focus that early?
  • In the game you just analyzed, Maru had (relatively) poor positioning for his mines. Was this due to his play, or the map, or was there another factor(s)?
  • How well would this aggressive style work against SkyToss?
  • If I know nothing about starcraft... how do you recommend i start learning?