Day[9] Daily #692 - TLO vs Jjakji - Late Game ZvT decision making


While Snute was off winning the Seat Story Cup, TLO played a marvelous series with Jjakji in the 3rd/4th place match.  Though the TvZ matchup is notorious for having little to no variety in the first 10 minutes (and arguably little variety in build variety beyond that too), but the tactical and strategic decisions to make with armies are extremely difficult, and rare to see performed well!  Therefore, today's daily will have one express goal

  • Showing the fantastic post-10 minute decision making, specifically with army positioning and decision making.

These replays can all be found RIGHT HERE

Q&A With Day[9]

  • I am a top 8 zerg diamond player, and whenever I play ling/baneling/muta in ZvT, I struggle a lot, and often lose. I have watched your other dailies on ZvT, as well as watched all my replays, and I cannot seem to find my problem. Do you have any advice for finding weaknesses in my play on my own, so that I can improve faster?
  • When you focused today on jjakji's move, you show how he only fought where the mutas were not. Is there any way to directly take on a mutaflock?

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