Day[9] Daily #694 - Dayshi's Mech vs Protoss


OH HOLY SEXINESS Dayshi went for mass hellion into tank + viking + hellbat vs Grubby in WCS and it worked BRILLIANTLY!  So, we're gonna break it down

  • How Dayshi structures his opening to stay alive
  • Why mass hellions is an excellent way to open and control the flow of the game
  • How Dayshi transitions out of mass hellions and potential ways to have improved the transition
  • The late game moves involving tanks, hellbats, and saucy drops n' expoes!

These games are from the WCS Ro16 games played earlier todaY!

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Is there in any way a chance that a fast stargate from grubby after scouting the mass hellion strategy would have worked?
  • Would there be any instance where you would mix in a significant number of Widow Mines when using this style?
  • Is there a reason grubby is keeping so many HT as HT and not making templar?
  • What could have Grubby do to win that game??
  • Would this style straight up lose to a Blink All-In?