Day[9] Daily #696 - Zest vs Rain - Modern PvP


If you've been struggling in PvP we're going to look at a number of VERY sexy openings and midgames including

  • Ultra fast phoenix
  • DT fast expand
  • Standard blink play
  • Tempest transitions!

To do this, we'll be looking at the Ro4 games from the GSL Code S Semifinals between Rain and Zest, two of the hottest Protosses on the scene right now!

Q&A With Day[9]

  • In part 1 you mentioned that this early stargate phoenix strategy is only viable on 2 player maps. Can you review the reasoning behind this?
  • Woof woof bark phoenix woof colossi bark bark?
  • What is the MOST STABLE way to get to the midgame as protoss?
  • We saw very little use of the warp-prism from Rain and his DT build. Why is that? When I play DTs I very often feel like chrono-boosting out a warp-prism will allow me to deal additional damage with my DTs and also have the option to harass with it at any point in the game.
  • Why is there so few voidrays used in high level ladder games?

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