Day[9] Daily #703 - Life vs Innovation


This best of 3 from the DreamHack Bucharest semifinal provides a wonderful educational example of how both Terran and Zerg adjust differently according to the read on their opponent!  What we'll see in this episode is

  • An example of a "typical, standard game."  We'll talk in depth about the SLIGHT changes each player makes to the ultimate, by-the-book standard play
  • A second game that shows Roach Hydra from Life and a response to go for tanks from Innovation!  In particular, we'll see that Innovation is able to perform this maneuver as a "response" and not a pre-planned build order.
  • A third game in which Life performs a cute all-in timing as a response to his opponent's timing!

These games can be downloaded in this replay pack

Q&A With Day[9]

  • Is the one queen marching across the map really that significant in that last game?
  • In part 2 we saw Innovation take advantage of Life's lack of spire. What do you think the correct response to Innovation's play would have been for Life in this situation?
  • Why do you think that ventral sacs are used less tactically than warp prism play and medivacs?
  • Do you think that drop play could be a really nice response to defensive terran play?
  • Is it viable for Life to expand as he put on his pressure after he saw no bunker at the front in game three. Could he have possibly put on a little roach pressure and got geared up for a macro game in an instance where his all-in failed?

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